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Hi loves! I'm Zarina, founder of Zentella.

In the Philippines, I grew up with terrible acne. I tested all the products on the market from dermatologists' prescriptions to OTC treatments, to natural/holistic treatments, with all of them failing me. For years, I had to learn what ingredients triggered my breakouts and reactions using trial and error. After lots of research, I came across Korean skin care and decided to try it.

I was able to learn a great deal of tips and tricks from skin care forums I participated in, and eventually found a temporary routine to fix my combo skin. It wasn't perfect, but it helped me so much! I felt more confident and was able to go outside without covering my face with concealer. I wanted more progress, but it was hard to find products with the exact ingredients I needed AND ingredients I didn't want. Because of this, I decided to gather all my savings to create this company in 2018, and come up with my own skin care line containing ingredients I loved, while taking out ingredients that caused triggers for my skin and others.

I not only took information and research from my own skin, but listened to both friends and others' shared experiences online. I figured it would be more personal this way, unlike big companies that just push out anything that will sell. I took notes on what people look for in a product and what they usually avoid. I listened to how much people wanted sustainable skin care and whether people prefer sticky serums or watery serums. I did so many Q&A’s! I also started doing comparisons and curated routines for my friends to see what products worked for their different skin types. This helped me learn so much and I was able to dig deeper into the world of Korean skin care while many were seeing big results as it became more popular through the years!

I only have a sheet mask on my line for now, but I am definitely planning on making other products in the near future! Feel free to send your suggestions because I would love to hear directly from you!

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