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Meet the new helpers that can deliver the same soothing ingredients of The Herbalist Sheet Mask, but for daily use!

Lightweight, and powerfully packed with 10 soothing herbs and 5 nourishing ingredients to calm redness, inflammation, and irritation. 

Shortens the lifespan of future breakouts, and reduces redness quickly while repairing skin's barrier.

Use both nightly, or morning and night daily. 

1.Start with cleansed face. 

2.Pat in the serum first,

3. cream as moisturizer after.

SERUM can also be used as a spot treatment:

coat any break outs with a thick layer of the serum before bed. wake up the next morning with smaller, reduced inflammation.

The Herbalist Serum and The Herbalist Cream!

★ More Details ★

Zentella Co. sources the highest quality ingredients from farms in Korea while working with one of the top K-beauty chemists!

Customer Reviews

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Great products

I highly recommend. These feel great and wear well on the skin.

Theresa D
Where did the red go?

I was pleasantly surprised by Zentella. My redness was no match for its soothing ingredients. I would definitely buy again & tell my friends about these products. Fast shipping, too. My skin is happy

Amber Robles
The serum and cream are you of this world!!!

I remember the first time I applies the serum & cream to my face it felt like I was crazy because it seems as if my skin already looked brighter, with less redness and clearer after just a few minutes. A month later I saw my sister and begged her to try it as I was raving about it to everyone I knew and she mentioned exactly what I said above! This product is the only thing I use on my face and my skins never been happier.

Wendy Deng
Love all of the products in Herbalist line

I am loving all of the skincare products in the Zentella Herbalist line. The first product that I have used is their Zentella Herbalist Sheet Mask. This is the sheet mask that Zentella brand started with. It contains over 12 calming herbs for reducing redness/inflammation and 6 nourishing ingredients for combating dehydrated and irritated skin. The sheet mask material is thin and has good adherence, it is made out of anti-baterial biodegradable bamboo sheets. Highly recommended for all skin types even sensitive skins. After that, Zentella has launched more skincare products in their Herbalist line including their Zentella Herbalist Serum and Herbalist Cream. The Herbalist Serum is a lightweight clear gel serum that contains 10 types of various soothing herbs and 5 hydrating ingredients including Centella Asiatica Extract, Madecassoside, Aloe Vera Extract, Prickly Pear Fruit Extract, as well as Cucumber, Green Tea, White Willow Bark Extract. This serum calms down redness, inflammation, and irritations. The Zentella Herbalist Cream is a lightweight daily moisturizer suitable for sensitive skins. It helps to repair damaged skin barrier while sooth and calm redness/irritations. The texure is a lightweight white cream which is easily spread on the skin and is fast absorbent. You can count on Zentella for cruelty-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan, and uses plant sourced & high quality ingredients.

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My new obsession

I am mind blown by the results of using these products together. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on skincare so I didn’t know what worked for dry skin. I had previously just been blindly trying different products hoping for the best but on my god, I never knew my skin could look and feel so good. There is magic in that serum I haven’t looked back. I use it daily (night & day) and after just a few days I could tell the difference. And it works as a spot treatment too!! My growing pimples simply disappear. The moisturizer is so effective. I’ve noticed with other moisturizers my skin will dry out by the evening time but i love the consistency of this one and it feels amazing on my skin. I love doing my skin care now and I’d like to think I’ve even achieved the “glass skin” look trend. Im wearing less makeup too because why not. I’m in love. Everyone needs to try these.